Laser Treatment of Analfistula


Worth Knowing Piece Of Information

Certainly the anal area is one of the complicated anatomical places of the body, the anal canal is prepared to store the stool till the time of discharge. Anus has nerves which make us feel the coming of stool and there are muscles which are endowed with the responsibility to grab the stool and discharge the same with little pressure in lower tummy muscles. There are glands to lubricate the stool permitting the stool to enjoy the convenient passageway. Regrettably, the place can be infected with an intermittent infection which can cause uncanny swelling or inflammation, there could be an accumulation of pus which sometimes is sapped out spontaneously to the buttock skin or should be sapped out by the proctologist which is identified as colorectal surgeon. Sometimes this becomes the regular feature.

How Things Are Handled

From time to time, sapped out abscess turns out a recurrently infected tract identified a perirectal or perianal or fistula. This fistula is kind of complicated to treat suitably with medicine especially with tropical medicine. We offer best of the best fistula treatment, making use of the diode Laser. Certainly the procedure is safe where minimal invasive procedure is followed. We offer effective sphincter saving procedure which hardly takes much time. While discussing about the stages, to find out the internal fistula opening, mythelene blue or sometimes Hydrogen peroxide is injected. With the help of curate, the tract of fistula is debrided. Next a catheter of suitable size is inserted into the tract. We next move forward the laser fiber through the catheter whose tip would be opened into the internal opening. We make use of Diaode LASER and make sure the fibre would be delivering laser energy consistently while the tract is locked and barred. Gradually it is taken back. Now the best thing about laser it hardly leaves an impact upon the continence function. We don’t keep the patients to us for long time.

Don’t Feel Scared

You may feel scared or uncomfortable thinking that the surgery would be completed keeping you in proper sense, but such surgery is carried out performing a general anesthesia. The surgery does not take much time, rather in an hour the surgery completes. We make use of laser to destroy the tract once and for all. Here we usually do not use the video scope and the success rate for such surgery is relatively high. We make sure the patient never undergoes hardship in future and so we make use of equipment which are approved and acknowledged by the relevant concerned body.

Don’t Medicate On Your Own

When you are having irritation, pus discharge in and around the anus area, do come to us we will be diagnosing the symptoms and examine you properly. All the different tracks are needed to be examined and explored out. If you are having big trust upon that over the counter medications you must know that medicine helps only when the damage is not much, when the effect is too damaging laser treatment is the best option where without any cutting or slicing, the fistula can be cured without generating any side effects.