What exactly is AV Fistula?

AV fistula (Arteriovenous fistula) is the connection between your artery and vein. Ideally, the blood circulates from the arteries to capillaries and then to veins. In case of AV fistula blood tends to pass from your artery directly to veins skipping certain capillaries.
It is basically a surgical process that is carried out to create proper connection between your artery and vein. The surgical process performed by vascular specialist only. Ideally, AV fistula is the first choice of most surgeons and even the world Best Vascular Surgeon like Dr Ravul Jindal recommend it as the long lasting vascular access for prolonged dialysis to his patients.

Benefits of an AV Fistula

  • A more reliable and long lasting process compared to other types of vascular access.
  • Reduced infection
  • No implantation of synthetic material in the body.
  • Offers sufficient amount of blood circulation much needed for successful dialysis that also cuts down the duration of the treatment.
  • Recovery time is less and patient can resume daily activities.

Recovery time in case of creation of AV fistula

You don’t need to get admitted to the hospital to undergo the surgical procedure or stay for 24 hours in hospital. You can be discharged after a couple of hours once the procedure is over.
You will be given pain killer and a few instructions to take proper rest. AV fistula takes around 6 weeks to mature for use for dialysis.

It is always recommended to visit the best Hospital for Vascular Surgery so that the process is carried out under trained and experienced vascular surgeon.