Get rid of varicose veins get back to normal lifestyle
Many people with varicose veins normally wear compression stockings to combat the condition. In case the compression stockings do not provide relief for varicose veins symptoms then varicose vein surgery can provide relief.
There are different techniques used to remove varicose veins surgically and do not worry as varicose vein removal will not obstruct the normal blood supply to your legs as the blood is transported by healthy veins.

Surgical treatment for varicose vein removal
Surgery to remove varicose veins is just like any other common surgeries and is one of the reliable varicose veins treatments that many people opt for. In this process the varicose veins are removed surgically or simply closed off with help of different techniques. Surgery can be performed on deep as well as superficial veins.
Common methods used for varicose vein removal through surgery
In this process small incisions (few millimetres) are created along the vein (affected one). With the help of a small hook the vein is pulled out as far as it can be via incisions and then they are cut and easily removed in a number of pieces. This technique is helpful for smaller veins that diverge with the main veins.
Vein stripping
In this procedure, two incisions are created. The vein is later tied at top incisions using vein ligation technique. A wire is passed through the lower incision right up via the vein and a button shaped cap is connected to that wire. This helps in pulling out the vein via incision.
Recover period
Post varicose veins surgery, you are allowed to go back home the very same day whereas in some cases the patient is asked to stay overnight in the hospital under observation. In case the patient is healthy and the surgery is performed on only one leg he/she is discharged the same day.
Well, the recovery period can continue for some time to help you get back to normal activities after the incision heals and the swelling reduces. Mainly the recovery period according to research can take from 1-3 weeks to resume daily activities.

Well, even some lifestyle changes can help you keep your varicose veins at bay or reduce their reappearance. Make sure you exercise regularly. It helps proper circulation of blood through the veins. Do not stand or sit for long hours. Avoid sitting with legs crossed. In case you are overweight, try to lose some weight.