Laser treatment of Haemorrhoids


We Offer the Best Treatment Ever

Hemorrhoids are pretty much painful but there are few options to get rid of this condition especially when someone has reached mature years, conventional surgery is pretty painful for them to undergo. Surgery of Haemorrhoids was one of the preferred options, but not the only option left today, there are varying options left to choose from. Among all other there is laser surgery, and today laser surgery has earned much popularity. Certainly there are few advantageous to focus on.

Opting For Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery

  • The process is comparatively less throbbing and does not appear to be unbearably excruciating for the sufferer
  • Sometimes hospitalization is not needed and laser surgery completes in shorter while and the patient is discharged without confining him for days in the hospital.
  • Nearly in any case, the patient won’t be requiring any hospitalization, the procedure hardly incorporates any smoke or steam as there would be no sparking so this procedure is comparatively safer and effortless.
  • The moment laser is used, it makes sure that the bleeding that occurs during the surgery becomes minimal. In fact the laser seals the blood vessels.
  • However the laser surgery ensures that there would never be any tissue death, there won’t be any medical complications. This surgical procedure is easy for both the patient and the doctor.
  • The wound heals faster.

What We Offer

  • We are the best in offering Laser treatment of Haemorrhoids, we are the specialists and also offer best cost for the surgery. Without involving any kind of invasive surgical procedure we prefer to offer soft and sophisticated laser method.
  • Certainly laser surgery is one innovative approach in treating Haemorrhoids and we make sure the procedure turns painless and less complicated all through. This procedure actually reduces the chances of future recurrence.
  • Why we recommend this procedure, there would be no cut no wound so the healing process starts immediately after the surgery. Unlike any other conventional surgical procedure, the pain here is comparatively less. There won’t be any sense of urgency and lesser risk of rectal stenosis.
  • One may leave the hospital on the same day the laser procedure is conducted and normal activities can be started as early as possible. Although we call this a surgery but there won’t be any cut or stich now that is the advantage of laser process no incision no suturing or stiches.
  • We complete the process through Leonardo Laser which is practically a Diode laser and we move a fiber through the anal opening in one of a natural process without causing any pain or uneasiness.
  • Through this anal opening we pass through the laser energy focusing it on the haemorrhoidal mass. Moreover fibrotic reconstruction creates new connective tissues which makes sure that the mucosa sticks to the tissues properly.
  • This however interrupts the likelihood of prolapse as there would be no foreign material left in the body as after the procedure. We complete the procedure easily and effectively, nowhere we make the patient feel any discomfort and anxious physically as well as mentally.