Sclerotherapy is a less-invasive technique that is used to treat and eliminate spider veins for cosmetics and also for treatment of varicose veins to eradicate their symptoms. It involves injection of a solution into the varicose veins which causes them to shrink and they eventually disappear. The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women. For those who have had blood clot issues in the past, their eligibility depends on the reason for the clot and the overall health condition of the area to be treated.

How the procedure is done?

Sclerotherapy procedure is usually done on outpatient basis although some patients may require admission depending on their condition. Your varicose veins specialist will advise you accordingly.

Basically, the procedure involves injection of a salt solution into the affected vein through a fine needle. When the solution is injected, you may feel minor but mild discomforts and sometimes cramping for 1-2 minutes if large veins are injected. The whole procedure takes about 30-45 minutes depending on the number of veins treated. The number of veins attended to in one session depend on location and also the size of the veins.

If the procedure is effective, spider veins will disappear within 3-6 weeks and varicose veins will disappear fully within 3-4 months. Follow-up medical checkups are recommended to monitor the condition and progress after treatment.

As is evident from the way the procedure is conducted, varicose veins treatment by sclerotherapy requires specialized care to be effective. For sclerotherapy and the Best Vascular Surgery in India, visit Indian Vascular Surgery. Here, you will find the best vascular specialists in India who will provide you with the best treatment.