Laser Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus


Why this Treatment Is Deemed Best

No doubt the infected pilonidal cystis is pretty much painful for all as it causes intense discomfort in completing everything household chores or regular office works. Certainly surgery is the last option to resort to but there is always a chance for the cyst to come back only to be treated again. Now undergoing again and again pilonidal cyst surgeries can be highly traumatic both for mind and body, laser treatment is one of the best options to depend upon. As the laser treatment comes with high success rate, the moment you are depending upon this procedure, you will never need any other surgical procedure.

What is Pilonidal Sinus

Small depression around the buttock area that is caused due to continuous friction with clothes gives rise to Pilonidal Sinus. Pilonidal Sinus is a dimple like depression that soon turns out to be a deadly cyst, it swells and inflammation occurs when the dimple depression is infected. Pus accumulates, pain continues while standing and sitting, swelling, reddening, pus and blood draining, and there could be more than one sinus tract.

Why You should Go For Laser

Well right before jumping to any conclusion, you should be considering all the pros and cons of that process which you are likely to go through. With informed knowledge you can fight off any difficulty that arises, laser treatment of Pilonidal Sinus is comparatively faster, quicker and effective a technique. We make sure all the debris are cleared during the process so that no infection so far occurs. Although laser treatment does not involve detailed invasive surgical activities but with minimal incision the process we start and everything is done under the effect of anesthesia. We make sure the patient remains comfortable all through, we remove the hair from the cyst and if more than one cyst mouth is tracked that also we can clean out. We carefully remove the pilonidal cyst pit and the wound is flushed out suitably, sometimes, based on the situation we refrain from performing the excision.

Our laser treatment is certainly enough to heal the infected area, we make use of specially designed laser fiber to complete the process. Our laser equipment is best for any area, no matter how sensitive it is. The laser fiber contains a conical internal fiber which releases continuous ring of intense high light. The laser probe that is used comes with a glass tip tops the fiber and we insert this probe through the pilonidal sinus opening and places the same and adjusts the laser line with the opening.
We specialize in handling the laser energy thus adjusting the pulses so that the mouth of the wound can be closed. The laser light easily reduces the severity of the wound and gradually the mouth of the sinus closes. As per need, the treatment is repeated all along the tract length.
Studies and research reports confirm that the laser treatment is potential and promising and with this newer invention of the device offers permanent solution to the pilonidal cysts. The success rate is high, as much as 88-90%. With such stat report, we make sure our experienced care would also be helping you get over. Records prove that this process comes with long term success for all.