Diabetic is just a common disease that affects a lot of people in India and nearly 8-10% of diabetic people face foot problems. Out of 8-10 patients 5% of diabetic patients even reach a stage where they have to undergo surgery to get their leg removed.
Amputation which is removal of limbs via surgery is certainly not the preferred choice, but there are stances when that becomes necessary if proper treatment is not taken for foot problems in diabetic patients. Amputation can certainly be prevented and it is believed by Dr. Ravul Jindal who is the director of one of the best Hospital for Vascular Surgery Mohali.

What is the ideal treatment for diabetic patients to prevent Amputation?

According to Dr. Ravul Jindal Infra Popliteal Angioplasty can easily prevent amputation. The basic idea is to initiate ballooning of patient’s arteries having a diabetic foot to retain normal blood circulation. Only a few world’s best Vascular Surgeon are trained to carry out the treatment – Infra Popliteal Angioplasty, Angioplasty (carbon dioxide guided), retrograde punctures and ICU care after operation.

Infra Popliteal Angioplasty Training

As said above not many vascular surgeons or vascular surgery centres can carry out the procedure, Dr. Ravul Jindal has taken a step forward to offer Infra Popliteal Angioplasty course so that the procedure is available to more and more patients through trained doctors so that they don’t have to go through amputation.

Recovery period

The patients have to get admitted to the hospital for just one day and after the procedure is over, the patients get discharged the very next day. Of course you need to visit your doctor again after a week for follow up.