Over the past years, several methods of treating varicose veins have been invented. These include endoscopic vein surgery, sclerotherapy and the less-invasive methods such as endovenous laser ablation and ambulatory phlebectomy. These methods are effective if they are done right. Nevertheless, vascular surgeons are making advancements on a daily basis in an attempt to come up with a perfect solution to varicose veins. Steam ablation, also known as steam sclerotherapy is one of the modern technique of treating varicose veins.

Steam ablation and how it works

Previous techniques of treating varicose veins are morbid and they tend to have a high rate of recurrence. Though these techniques have been effective, some of them show negative side effects to the patient. Over the past years, research has been done to test the effectiveness of steam ablation and also to compare it with the other technique and the results show that this method is outstanding. It is also non-invasive and the procedure is almost painless. This is how the procedure is done:

  • A local anesthesia is injected to the patient at the swollen veins,
  • An ultrasound examination is performed to track the varicose veins,
  • An applicator is then inserted into the varicose veins through a venipuncture,
  • Steam at 110 to 120 degrees Celsius is administered through the applicator,
  • The varicose veins are thermally obliterated by the steam.

That’s briefly how steam sclerotherapy works.

Advantages of steam ablation

  • It can be used to remove tortuous varicose veins as opposed to other methods such as laser treatment.
  • Patients who use this technique require a very short recovery time.
  • The patient’s comfort is assured during the operation as this method uses a local anesthesia.

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Briefly, varicose veins can be treated by several techniques one of which is steam ablation. This method involves obliterating varicose veins using steam at 110-120o C. It assures the patient comfort during the procedure, quick recovery and effective treatment.