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Varicose veins are diagnosed through physical examination that involves looking at the legs when the patient is standing along with checking the swelling in that area.

An ultrasound test is also done to figure out if the valves of the veins are carrying out a normal functioning or if there remains any evidence of blood clot.

Here are the following varicose veins surgeries and treatments to treat the varicose veins:

1.    Sclerotherapy:
The doctor in this procedure, injects your small and medium-sized varicose veins with a solution which scars and closes all these veins. The varicose veins so treated should fade away in a few weeks. This treatment is considered to be very effective if done correctly by the best vascular surgeon.

2.    Foam sclerotherapy:
This treatment is particularly done for the larger veins. The process is similar to the regular sclerotherapy. The veins are closed, sealed and healed after a certain time period.

3.    Laser surgery:
A new technology is being used by a majority of doctors to treat the problem of varicose veins as well as spider veins. This is done by the way of laser surgery where the lasers work by the way of sending stronger bursts of light on to the affected veins. This process makes them disappear. This particular process doesn’t required the use of needles or incisions.

4.    High ligation and vein stripping:
This procedure includes tying off the veins prior it joins any deep vein and the same is then removed by the way of small incisions. This process is considered to be an outpatient procedure for a majority of people.

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