Knowing about Myths and facts related to Varicose veins

According to the studies both men and women are affected by varicose veins though women are more prone to the condition. When the veins present in your legs become incapable of pushing the blood to the heart then the condition termed as varicose veins occurs. Varicose veins need proper treatment and there are a lot of myths and facts associated with the condition.
There are many myths and facts that have been cleared by many of world’s Best Vascular Surgeon so that people understand the condition properly.
If veins aren’t visible then there is no problem
Truth. Yes, 50% of people who face this problem can see varicose veins.

Running results in varicose veins?

Myth. Running or standing for long hours doesn’t have anything to do with varicose veins. Many patients who visit Dr. Ravul Jindal and suffer with the condition ask him the same question to which he says exercise delays the process of formation of varicose veins. Varicose veins mainly happens due to valve malfunction exact reason for which is not known.

Only surgery can treat the condition

Truth. When you get diagnosed for the condition at best hospital for vascular surgery, they suggest you whether surgery is required or not. Of course in some cases surgery is not required. It also depends on your health conditions. But, if you want to eradicate the problem from root then minimal invasive intervention is the only treatment option available.

There is no point treating varicose veins as they can come back

Myth. It is probably the misunderstood fact about varicose veins. The advanced technology available today in medical field can help treat the condition from root and decrease chances of recurrence to 3-5%.

You need to reach out to the best vascular surgeon like Dr. Ravul Jindal and book and appointment to understand about the condition and clear all your doubts about varicose veins.