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Varicose veins, being swollen and knotty veins in the legs, drastically reduce the aesthetic value of the legs of the effected person. Some conditions such as spider veins may not pose substantial medical threats but they are embarrassing and irritating as they lower the cosmetic value of the legs. Spider veins are small veins which are connected to the main leg veins and which fail to take blood into the main vein. The main target of cosmetic varicose veins treatment is to eliminate the spider veins or any other abnormal veins in the legs which may be reducing the aesthetic value of the legs.

However, varicose veins are sometimes more than just a cosmetic concern and may have effects which are dangerous for your health. After identifying their symptoms which include inflammation in the legs, restless legs, heavy sensation, darkened spots around the varicose veins, rashes which are itchy, cramping or worsened pain after standing or sitting, etc., it is necessary that you visit a vascular specialist center where you will get advice and the appropriate medication.

There are several less-invasive techniques used for cosmetic varicose veins treatment. After treatment, the legs are left smooth thereby restoring the cosmetics of the legs. The most common non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques used for cosmetic treatment is sclerotherapy. Other less-invasive may also be used depending on the type of varicose veins affecting the patient.

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